What is the best VPN for chromebook 2023?

The best VPN for chromebook

Protect your digital life with NordPass. Easily store all passwords, credit cards, and private data. Automatically fill in login details and save new passwords with a few clicks. Receive instant alerts about any security breaches.

What makes NordPass stand out? Forget about having to reset your password – let NordPass remember it for you. Shop more quickly by having all logins, payment, or personal info automatically filled in for you. For businesses, make password security and management simpler and more efficient within your organization to boost productivity.

NordPass is ideal for people on the move; it has a feature that allows users to generate strong, unique passwords with just a few clicks. It also offers unlimited storage for passwords, credit cards and secure notes in an encrypted vault. The app helps identify any weak, reused or old passwords and suggests necessary changes be made. Secure Notes are available for those who want to keep their secrets private and safe. Biometric authentication is an added layer of security as it uses the strongest password which is you.

NordPass can be instantly opened with biometric authentication, meaning you don’t need to remember multiple passwords. All you have to remember is your Master Password and this will free up mental capacity.