What is The Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses in 2023?


Discover the best press release distribution service for small businesses! this platform delivers unparalleled visibility and results for your company’s news. Drive growth and amplify your brand with our expert distribution solutions.

eReleases is your gateway to enhanced online visibility and a more targeted customer base for small businesses, startups, and authors. Our meticulously crafted press releases are strategically distributed to journalists, trade publications, and influential figures within your industry, ensuring heightened exposure, credibility, and increased revenue from your ideal clients. As the industry’s foremost press release distribution service for small businesses, eReleases boasts several key advantages:

  1. Cision PR Newswire Partnership: All your releases are dispatched via PR Newswire, the largest newswire service for press releases, guaranteeing maximum reach and impact.
  2. Curated Media Contacts: Our platform taps into a database of 1.7 million media contacts to handpick writers, reporters, bloggers, and influencers most likely to feature or write about your release, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting: Gain insights into the effectiveness of your press releases with detailed reports that provide traffic statistics, audience reach, and engagement metrics, allowing you to fine-tune your strategy.
  4. Professional Editing: Each release undergoes expert editorial review, optimizing headlines and content for maximum results.

Experience the unparalleled benefits of eReleases, recognized as ‘the Best Press Release Distribution Service for small businesses.’ Unlock your business’s full potential with our tailored distribution solutions.

We review your release to maximize its performance – our team of experienced editors looks over your headline and release to make sure it achieves the highest possible outcome. We also offer press release creation services – if you lack the resources, knowledge, or time to create a remarkable press statement, we are able to write it for you at a cost-effective price. Additionally, we provide quick and dependable service – usually your press release is distributed on the following business day though there is an extra fee for same-day distribution.

What Sets Us Apart as The Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses?

We don’t require a membership fee, and our costs remain the same regardless of what services are requested. Our price includes delivery of press releases to both Cision PR Newswire and Associated Press (AP) Newswire. Additionally, Cision PR Newswire transmits our press releases directly to various popular websites. We don’t send unsolicited emails to journalists; any reporters who receive our news have chosen to do so. Avoid services that spam journalists because this can reduce the effectiveness of your message and create a negative impression from your target audience.

As the Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses, we stand out by leveraging our partnership with a trusted newswire provider to establish direct contact with journalists, ensuring your press releases reach their inboxes personally. What sets us apart further is our exclusive WireWatch™ report, featuring links to your press release on up to 200 esteemed media platforms, including Yahoo! and PR Newswire.

As ‘the Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses,’ we place a premium on transparency, recognizing that press coverage isn’t a guaranteed outcome for every company. Diverging from the practices of many PR firms that impose steep fees without any guarantee of success, we prioritize delivering a forthright evaluation of your prospects. The effectiveness of your release hinges on numerous factors, encompassing its newsworthiness, the caliber of your pitch, impeccable timing, and, naturally, a touch of good fortune.

Can you provide a breakdown of the various press release distribution services and their associated costs?

The Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses, eRelease, goes the extra mile to ensure your press release garners the attention it deserves. Our packages include:

  1. Expert Editorial Review: Each press release undergoes a meticulous editorial review by our seasoned professionals, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.
  2. Nationwide Reach with Cision PR Newswire: Enjoy comprehensive nationwide coverage through Cision PR Newswire, valued at $835 – a level of distribution unmatched by any other service.
  3. Precise Targeting: Benefit from targeted distribution to an extensive network of 1.7 million journalists and social media influencers.
  4. WireWatch Reporting: Access your published press release’s links within just two hours of release with our exclusive WireWatch reporting.
  5. PR Spamshield: Shield yourself from unwanted spam emails resulting from your press release distribution.
  6. Prominent Inclusion: Your release is prominently featured on Associated Press Newswire, Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, and more.

Trust eRelease for the comprehensive press release distribution solutions that make us The Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Businesses.

Distribution and Writing Plans for Press Releases

  1. eReleases Buzz Builder™ Press Release Distribution Package is available for $399.

Includes everything mentioned previously, such as 400 words, 1 industry target list, and 2 images; with more options available for an additional cost (e.g. press release writing service, extra words, expanded industry targets, local saturation targeting, Cision Influencer List inclusion, image embedding into the press release body text or YouTube video embedding into the release body text) as well as international distribution of the press release.

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  1. eReleases Newsmaker™ Press Release Distribution Package at a cost of $499.

 Includes everything mentioned before (500 words, 2 industry target lists, and 2 images) plus additional services that can be purchased for an extra fee (press release writing service, more words, more industry targets, local saturation, Cision Influencer List, image embedding in text, YouTube video embedding into the press release and international distribution).

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  1. The eReleases PR Pro™ Press Release Distribution Package costs $699.

Package 3 includes all of the features listed above – 600 words, 3 industry target lists, 2 images, a Cision Influencer List and direct-to-journalists email send. Plus, there are other services available for an additional fee such as press release writing service, extra words and targets, local saturation distribution of images and YouTube videos as well as international distribution.

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Press Release Writing Services are available for an additional $300 when purchased as part of a Press Release Distribution Package: 

Don’t feel confident enough to craft your press release? We have a team of experienced editors that can do it for you. You’ll receive a succinct, well-crafted press release that is designed to attract media attention and then be double-checked by our proofreaders. Plus, we won’t distribute the press release until you’re completely satisfied with it – all within just one week.

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First-time purchasers get a 30% discount. Additionally, bulk purchase packages (two or more press releases procured in one transaction to be used later) are also offered.

An offer is absolutely free for a limited time only! You can get 5 eBooks worth $67 at no charge.

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  • -Press Release Checklist
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