The best automatic and manual data synchronization software for Windows

SyncManager, the best automatic and manual data synchronization software for Windows 

Have your data always up-to-date: Just select the files that need to be backed up and name the backup. If you use common file types, they are already available for selection. Configure it once: Every time a device is connected to your computer, Syncmanager will run the job automatically in the background.

 If you want more, Activate permanent synchronization so SyncManager is the best automatic and manual data synchronization software for Windows, it starts as soon as changes are made, or start manually when necessary. Data Butler keeps all information where it belongs – SyncManager works with all Windows machines.

 The SyncManager is extremely helpful, taking charge of mundane tasks such as file synchronization and ensuring that all files are in the right spot. Sync Manager is programmed to carry out the assignments set for it automatically – every single day. There are different ways this tool can be used.

 It is possible to make use of the external hard drive in order to back up all the edited files from the day in one go. This will ensure that a current backup is available and all information is kept synchronized. Additionally, newly downloaded music from online sources can be transferred to your media server automatically as soon as it is detected by the network, thus making it accessible throughout any area of your house. Additionally, if you have a digital camera connected to your computer, you can choose to transfer its photos into an archive folder previously named.

 SyncManager eliminates the need for manual copying by automatically syncing files between folders, hard drives, and other devices connected to the computer. You can choose to have the synchronization process take place automatically once a change occurs or manually initiate it yourself.