The best downcraft server hosting for cloud hosting solutions provider in 2023.

Unlock the Future with downcraft server hosting, Your Top Choice for the best cloud hosting solutions provider 2023

Important attributes of a data center for downcraft server hosting:

-11,200 square feet, 42-inch cabinets, with private cages and rooms Available

-Five independent data center PODs with separate HVAC and UPS systems

-5 Self-Contained UPS Systems with A+B+C Redundant Power

-Multiple fuel system -2N diesel backup power generators

-Building HVAC Systems using N+2

-Broad PUE under 1.3 SSAE-18 SOC 2 (formerly SSAE-16 / SAS 70) FM200 Fire Suppression with Multi-Zone Independent Detection HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI compliant mapping with audit certification

-100 percent green energy – 24-7/365 Hydro and Sun Powered Facilities Offered services include building security, escort-only access, IP camera surveillance, and BGP4 blended service.

 The Data Center features an impressive 11,200 square feet of space with 42U cabinets, private cages, and rooms available. It is composed of 5 independent data center PODs with their own UPS/HVAC systems, as well as 5 redundant A+B+C UPS systems. Continuous power is ensured by 2N diesel backup generators and multiple fuel systems. The HVAC system ensures a building-wide PUE below 1.3 while FM200 fire suppression with multi-zone independent detection provides safety measures.

Additionally, the Data Center has been certified under SSAE-18 SOC 2 (formerly SSAE-16 / SAS 70) audit standards and is compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI mapping regulations. It is also a 100% green energy facility powered by solar & hydro sources and provides 24/7/365 building security as well as escort-only access for visitors plus IP camera surveillance. Finally, there are multiple carriers available for BGP4 blended service (carrier neutral).

 While retaining the highest degree of data center stability and performance, we make use of the most powerful renewable energy solutions now on the market. Colohouse has committed to helping save the environment by emphasizing increased energy efficiency and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. We are honored that the EPA has chosen us to be an ENERGY STAR Partner.

 Colohouse owns and runs its own data center, which makes use of several cutting-edge technologies to guarantee a green approach to all of our web and cloud hosting services. Having our facility and infrastructure gives us more freedom to seek ideal, environmentally-friendly designs across the board. Colohouse is contributing as much as it can to protecting the environment, from advanced on-site solar arrays to low-voltage, eco-friendly servers using cutting-edge Intel CPUs.

 In-rack temperature sensors are used in Colohouse’s data center to control climate through our Emerson precision spot-cooling systems. To maintain the ideal cooling and humidification levels for our computing equipment, precision-based cooling is automatically and intelligently distributed in the precise amount and position required. Unlike conventional data centers, our cooling solutions intelligently and effectively distribute cooling to save electricity usage.

 In 2010, Colohouse Internet acquired the former U.S. Government building that now houses its SSAE-18 SOC 1 & SOC 2 certified data center. It is constructed by U.S. Federal Government regulations and has reinforced walls and a perimeter fence that is 1 foot thick. We have infrared surveillance monitoring cameras and cutting-edge security equipment installed.

All employees are subject to background checks, and clients are only allowed inside the facility when accompanied by certified security professionals and carrying a valid photo ID. We provide a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee on all our services and own and operate our green, SSAE 18 Certified, data center in Latham, New York. This facility also has a fully redundant next-generation fiber optic network.

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Dedicated Servers of The best cloud hosting solutions provider 2023

 For your needs in cloud-based hosting, dedicated servers (sometimes referred to as bare metal servers) provide the greatest quality of service with the ideal balance of performance, value, and security. Unlike cloud or virtual servers, dedicated servers provide you full access to all of the server’s actual hardware (including the CPU, RAM, disk, network port, and physical chassis), with nothing on the server being shared in any way with any other clients. Dedicated servers are far more adaptable than other hosting choices, providing your business complete control over the security configurations, choice of the operating system, hardware configuration, and the apps you want to run on the server.

-Available in Several Data Center Locations: At Colohouse Internet, we recognize location counts when it comes to your servers and data. Because of this, our dedicated servers are accessible for provisioning in several cutting-edge data centers located throughout the United States and Europe.

 Our company-owned data centers in New York, Chicago, Miami, Colorado, and Amsterdam are presently accepting orders for our dedicated bare metal servers.

 All Enterprise Series Dedicated Servers are powered by Dell PowerEdge R650xs bare metal servers with the most recent 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. These servers offer better performance, increased memory speed, improved power efficiency, advanced security technologies, and increased I/O bandwidth to accelerate a variety of workloads from the data center to the intelligent edge. Intel Deep Learning Boost, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512, and Intel Speed Select technology are built-in workload acceleration technologies.

An Enterprise Series R650xs server can be configured with up to 8 hard drives and one or two processor configurations.

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SEO Web Hosting, best company for SEO web hosting service in 2023.

Colohouse SEO Web Hosting maximizes your advantage for the Google SEO ranking algorithm by combining lightning-fast cPanel web servers with a wide variety of unique non-shared dedicated C-Class IPs. Because our servers use the most recent high-performance Samsung SSD disks, LSI RAID technology, and cutting-edge Intel multi-core processor technology, your web pages load incredibly quickly.

Input/output operations per second (IOPS) on our cPanel web hosting servers have increased dramatically, ensuring that your web pages load quickly and improving your SEO performance. Professional webmasters, companies, and SEO experts who manage a large number of websites will benefit most from Colohouse’s SEO Web Hosting. Our cPanel web hosting servers are prepared for the most well-liked applications, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

-WHM/cPanel: WHM is the most user-friendly web browser-based control panel, giving you total authority to manage your websites, email accounts, and statistics.

The most cutting-edge data protection program is R1Soft Backups. You may instantly restore the data on your website using the cPanel R1Soft web interface module!

-Bundled Software: We combine the best add-ons and software available! Cloudflare, Attracta, Softaculous, R1Soft, GlobalSign One-Click, and more!

-CloudFlare CDN: By dispersing your material globally, this CDN will dramatically improve the performance of your website. provides enhanced security and website delivery optimization.

-Attracta SEO Tools: Using our web-based control panel, Attracta’s free Search Engine Visibility tools provide greater traffic and visibility.

-GlobalSign SSL: Increase sales by demonstrating to customers that your website is secure with a 256-bit SSL certificate. included in the majority of hosting plans.

One-Click Installable Blogs, Forums, Shopping Carts, CMS, and Scripts…

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VPS Cloud Servers, Best Cloud-Hosted Virtual Private Servers US 2023.

High-Performance Cloud/Virtual Private Servers: Cloud/VPS: Our Cloud-Hosted Virtual Private Servers (VPS), backed by unwavering dependability, strike the ideal mix between cost, performance, and use. All VPS plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, and a network uptime guarantee of 100%! A full range of managed hosting services is available from Colohouse Internet, including server backups, hands-on system administration, intrusion detection protection, and cutting-edge firewall protection. Windows or Linux are the two available operating systems. Choose between cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin for your control panel software. Moreover, including strong software from Softaculous.

 Several Data Center Locations Available. At Colohouse Internet, we are aware that where your servers and data are stored matters. Because of this, our VPS Cloud Servers can be provisioned in several cutting-edge data centers located around the United States and Europe.

 The company-owned data centers in New York, Chicago, Miami, Colorado, California, and Amsterdam are presently accepting orders for our VPS Cloud Servers. Soon, more locations will be added.

The Fastest Cloud, Perfectly & Powerfully Tuned!

 The Samsung PRO Series SSDs are the quickest on the market and are used in our high-speed VPS nodes. These drives each provide 100,000 IOPS. We are employing high-end LSI cards with MASSIVE on-board caching capabilities, 8 in each node, set in RAID-10.

This is the best node configuration money can buy, thanks to the most recent Intel® Tetradeca-Core processor technology:

Each node has dual tetradeca-core Intel® Xeon® E5 processors with Turbo Boost, the newest and best processing technology available.

Up to 384 GB of RAM is accessible per node, with up to 56 CPU cores per node visible to the operating system.

-Samsung PRO-Series Solid State Drives -S-AS 3.0 12 Gbit/s direct attached storage

 Comparison of disk speeds: Read AND Write Counts! Our team was able to observe a 500% increase in disk speed when comparing our standard T40 Cloud VPS package to similarly configured cloud servers hosted elsewhere using the Linux command line utility “dd.” Take advantage of our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for a risk-free test drive if this seems too good to be true.

 Comparison of IOPS: More IOPS equate to lower overhead! You’ll frequently want a large number of IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second, a metric that goes beyond read-and-write performance to describe computer storage systems). See how our base T40 Cloud VPS plan stacks up against other packages with identical configurations that are hosted elsewhere. Using a program called “fio” this is our regular T40 Cloud VPS package compared to servers with similar specifications hosted elsewhere.

 The industry-standard benchmarking program for Linux and Unix-based systems is called UnixBench. The utility creates a single numerical value that sums together the performance of the CPU and memory. We again take the lead here! The graph compares our T40 Cloud VPS to servers with similar configurations that are located on other hosts.

 Cost is the only factor in some situations. Colohouse Internet provides the most money spent on each resource. This price is based on our T40 Cloud VPS plan instead of what you would pay elsewhere for the identical service.

 Why can we afford to charge such a low price? While working with Colohouse Internet, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer; unlike the majority of other hosting providers, we are NOT merely reselling their goods, servers, or infrastructure.


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